Established in Mexico in 1997, Amco is a progressive learning system that leverages cutting-edge tools and technology to deliver exceptional educational content and methodologies both in the classroom and in students' and teachers' homes. The system prioritizes participatory classes, emphasizing "how to teach" over "what to teach" to foster engagement and effective learning outcomes. Today, Amco serves numerous schools and thousands of students globally, with a strong presence across Central and South America, as well as in Europe. The system adheres to international standards for educational excellence, ensuring a high-quality learning experience for all students.

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Over the years we have worked hand in hand with the operating team, always committed to educational innovation through technology. We are passionate about AMCO's vision and its work aimed at offering academic and technological solutions, in order to improve the educational experience of both students, their families, teachers and schools.

Added Value
  • Management of the comprehensive product redesign initiative and commercial strategy based on a cost analysis.
  • Recruitment of management positions, such as finance, operations, commercial and strategy.
  • Participation in strategic planning and implementation of growth initiatives.
  • Granting of facilities in access to financing.
  • Implementation of corporate governance.

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Guillermo de León

Director General